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Being a technical & science students it's natural that amidst all the socialized blogging there are times when one wants to talk no nonsense. Say for example, sudden urge to speak on some thing very non-poetic, maybe something relativistic. It's not acceptable to write them out on the face of your polished and primed up well-maintained blog as your visitors may get scared off! Again there will be times when you have searched the Google for hours at end for some very trivial information, but in vain. It would have been great if someone could have actually written out some thing for you! (obviously assuming, you are not as smart as us in wielding Google to get any kind of information that's probably around!)

So it's a judgement point, will I do something for people who would be searching the Google for equally trivial information and roam about  haplessly? I decided, rather we decided we should. So we re-modelled our existing blog, changed the link name, added a new experimental theme, and here's a formal Introduction! Hope to have an all round interesting interaction on the blog-o-sphere!
All the while, our happy go lucky social blogging will continue as is in our other blog.

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